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2018 Chapter Leadership Workshop

Mark your calendars now for next year’s Chapter Leadership Workshop to be held in Pittsburgh, PA, from July 20-22, 2018. ONS is also excited to announce a new hotel/venue for the CLW, the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh! Make plans to join us for a great weekend of learning, professional networking, and fun!

Reimbursement Procedures for Chapter Leadership Workshop (Primary Reps only)

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT FORM (only for Primary Rep attendees) - click here to download the Excel form. After carefully reading the Travel Policy (see next item below), download the Travel Reimbursement Form to your computer and complete the form (note it's in Excel form). After completing the form, be sure to sign and date the bottom of the form. Scan a copy of the form and email it, along with scanned copies of your receipts, to Brian Taylor (btaylor@ons.org). Regarding meal receipts: ONS requires the receipt that shows all itemized food and beverages, along with proof of purchase. Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable. For the Saturday evening (July 29) dinner, ONS will reimburse Primary Reps (only) up to a maximum of $40. The $40 maximum should include tip and taxes, so if the tip and/or taxes of your meal increased the amount over $40, you will only be reimbursed a maximum of $40. Also note the Saturday evening meal reimbursement is reserved for just for the Primary Rep's meal only.

ONS TRAVEL POLICY: Click here to find out what's reimbursable (and what's not) for Primary Rep attendees. Primary Rep attendees are eligible to be reimbursed for some travel related expenses. Please use the official ONS Travel Reimbursement Form after you return home from the CLW. Before completing the form be sure to read the ONS Travel Policy to see what's reimbursable, along with the reimbursement procedures.

WHERE TO SEND YOUR REIMBURSEMENT FORM: After completing the official ONS Travel Reimbursement Form, scan a copy of the form and email it along with scanned copies of all receipts to Brian Taylor, btaylor@ons.org; tel: 412-859-6403. Please note that on the Travel Reimbursement Form it does state to send the form and receipts to the ONS address, but for the CLW we are requesting all completed Travel Reimbursement Forms to be sent directly to Brian Taylor at btaylor@ons.org